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GCSE Performance

What does it involve?

  • You must perform one solo piece and one ensemble piece.
  • The solo is assessed /12 for accuracy and /18 for interpretation.
  • The ensemble is /12 for accuracy and /18 for ensemble skill and interpretation.
  • Notice this means that the musicality you demonstrate is worth more marks than the accuracy with which you perform your piece. You can perform on any instrument/voice, and you can, but don't have to, use a different instrument/voice for the two performances.
  • They are recorded and assessed by your music teacher. A sample are then sent off to EDEXCEL for moderation to check the marking.
  • They can be recorded at any time during the course, but we try and do most of them during the Autumn Term of Year 11.

We will have the opportunity to practice performance material throughout the course.

Difficulty Levels

Once your piece has been assessed, the mark will be applied to a Difficulty Level scale. As a basic rule, Grade 1 pieces are Easy level, Grade 2/3 are Standard level and Grade 4 and above are More Difficult level.

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