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GCSE Course Outline

Brief GCSE Course Outline

The course has a simple structure, as follows:

  • Performing Music - one solo performance (with piano/backing track accompaniment if appropriate), AND one ensemble performance (you plus at least one other pupil - you must be the only person performing your part). These are completed under controlled conditions.
  • Composing Music - two compositions loosely based on the Areas of Study, but more or less a free choice of what and how you write. These are completed undercontrolled conditions.
  • Listening to Music - Listening paper based on 12 set works from Four Areas of Study - Classical Music 1600-1899; C20th Classical Music; Popular Music; World Music. The paper in two parts - Section A is a lengthy section with mainly short answer-type questions about the 12 set works; Section B is a longer essay-type question, about one or two of the set works.

Each Performance (Solo/Ensemble) is worth 15% of the GCSE (30% in total).

Each Composition is worth 15% of the GCSE (30% in total).

The Listening Exam, sat in May of Year 11, is worth 40% of the GCSE.

We are studying the EDEXCEL Music Syllabus. A full copy, should you wish to look at it can be found by clicking here.

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