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The Year 11 GCSE Drama production of Frankenstein was a great success! The script was a challenging one, cutting parts of the story of Mary Shelley's life in with the tale of Frankenstein and his monster, yet the pupils not only coped with this, but conveyed the sense of foreboding and mystery tremendously well. The three performances (Primary School matinee, and two consecutive evenings) were well supported too, and we are grateful for the audience's (and parents of the the cast in particular) for their continued support. The main aim of the process, beyond enjoying being part of a terrific production, was to prepare all the pupils for their GCSE Drama exam in the Summer of Year 11, when they have to perform a lengthy section of a script to an examiner. The whole experience of coping with their line-learning as well as keeping all their other work going alongside is a valuable lesson, and will serve them well in the future hopefully!

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Mary Shelley Rebecca Magson
Percy Blythe Shelley/Justine/Crewman Amy Paterson
Captain Walton/Scientist Kimberly Fenwick
Dr Victor Frankenstein Harry Coutts
Father (of Victor)/Old Man/Crewman Freya Ross
Elizabeth Esme Queen
William/Scientist/Crewman Chloe Diuga
Lord Byron/Safie/Crewman Maischa Gilliland
Henry Clerval/Crewman Cameron Jackson
Scientist/Crewman Millie Harrison
The Creature Rosa Lawrance
Felix/Claire/The Creature's Mate/Crewman Marcia Simpson
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