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Clowns at Midnight

Well done to everyone involved in Clowns at Midnight. Both evening performances, and the Primary School matinee, were extremely successful. If you took part, I hope that you enjoyed yourselves, and if you supported the performances by coming to watch, then thank you very much. The acting cast (in order of appearance) was:

Master of Ceremonies- Alastair Coughlan
Newspaper Vendor/Recruit- Jake Wharton
Politician/Britain/Recruit/Recruitment Girl- Alice Horncastle
Suffragette- Jay Lee
Mrs Scuttle/Jessie Pope/Wilfred/Patient in Wheelchair/The General- Sara Jenkins
France/French Soldier/Nurse- Jessica Heap
Germany/Cheerful Patient/Captain Carstairs- Tom Scott
Italy/Adam/Recruit- Jacob Konya
Russia/Private Bill Flowers – Atlanta Russell
Private Ben Potter- Amy Hughes
Lieutenant Harry Chappell/Shellshock Victim- Hannah Woodward
Jack/Enid/ Medical Orderly- Emily Thomas
John/Recruit- George Waite
Conscientious Objector/Recruit/Recruitment Girl- Rebecca Silk
Sergeant Major- Lucinda Ward
Recruit/Telegram Soldier- Luke Allistone
Recruit/Mavis/German Soldier- Rose Kershaw
Recruit/Recruitment Girl/Rupert Brooke- Mhairi Maxwell
Recruit/Lieutenant Johnson/Gladys- Charlotte Moody
Recruit/Soldier- James Moses
Recruit /Injured Soldier- Eddie Thompson
English Soldier/W.H.R. Rivers- Rebekah McGinlay

Siegfried Sassoon/Petra- Morwenna Davies

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